Project Life

I gave up traditional scrapbooking some years ago for many reasons and these days prefer digital scrapbooking. This year I have attempted to embark on the Project Life journey, inspired by Becky Higgins ( you can read all about Project Life on her site). I love the concept of capturing the details in every week of my life and not just capturing the big events. I have captured so many more moments that in past year that I would not have even thought to take a photo of or note down. I also love how simple the project life concept is. Its far less time consuming  than traditional scrapbooking (which means I have no excuses for being so behind). I like that the templates are structured and ready to go and that I don’t have to do anything fancy to make me feel satisfied with the way the pages look.

I am now using templates that I purchased from Jessica Sprauge and will be printing my book with Blurb (I love Blurb). I had originally been using templates that I had set up myself in the Blurb software, but was missing the little shadows behind each photo , which can’t be added in Blurb. I have also made some small modifications to the templates which Blurb also can’t do.

I’m beyond excited to be able to print the years photos and see them all bound together in a book.

Below are a few links to inspirational project lifers; Ali EdwardsBecky HigginsCathy ZielskeDeb DutyDesign EditorElise BlahaJennifer WoodburyJessica Sprague (you can buy the digital Project Life templates in Jessica Sprague’s Shop), Kelly PurkeyLindsay Teague MorenoPaislee PressSheri Mae Designs and Without Filters.