Vanilla Cupcakes

Yesterday while Russ was engrossed in the car racing, I baked gluten-free butter cupcakes. I haven’t baked anything gluten-free so far, so I wimped out and used a Basco mix. None the less it was very tasty. Next time it will have to be from scratch, maybe with blueberries or choc chips.


Gluten Free Museli

Until this week I haven’t had much luck finding gluten-free cereal that was actually tasty and I’m not a big fan of any of the gluten-free bread available at my local store. In need for something quick and easy that I could grab for breakfast before I run out the door in the mornings or to munch on at my desk on days where I start early, I ventured out to the health shop to see what I could find. Much to my surprise I found two cereals that taste great! I need to remember to eat them as sparingly as possible due to the price (adding a tub of yoghurt makes it go a lot further) but I’m happy to spend the money to eat something that I actually like.

My number one cereal pick is the Brookfarm macadamia muesli with cranberry (they also do an apricot version, a bircher muesli and muesli bars (the muesli bars, I also discovered are available on the Virgin Australia inflight snack menu, they are really crunchy and delicious).

White Chocolate & Raspberry Cheese Cake

Today I made White Chocolate & Raspberry Cheese Cakes in cups for Russ’s Birthday (he loves cheese cake!). I adapted the recipe from here. Instead of the usual biscuit crumb base, I used chocolate digestive biscuits in the bottom of the cups and for the non wheat folks, some gluten-free ginger nuts.

Cadbury (Australia) Gluten Free info can be found here.