Around Here: April

Cocktails Half Way The Last One

April was another reasonably quiet month, still trying to find my energy while carrying my precious cargo. April held lots of weekend breakfasts in bed. Sarah came to visit and came with me to my 20 week scan while hubby was in East Timor. We drank the last of the limited eddition Nespresso pods that I have (they were delicious).

I flew to Sydney for the ANZAC weekend to visit family and friends and looking after my little fluffy cats while Mum and Dad were away.  I have been enjoying the sunrises from my view in a high-rise apartment as the countdown to the big move is on. Just over three months to go and we will be packing up and lugging all our belongings 1000km to our new home.


This week has been a fantastic week which came to an end with a photo tour that started in the hinterlands near the Gold Coast and finished on the beach at Burleigh Heads (Thanks Rach for organising our tour!). I made a discovery or more to the point confirmed that I love being out in the bush and ejoying nature but really don’t love landscape photography. I have tried and tried but unless the photos form a part of a bigger story or have a significant point of interest looking pretty in the scene, its just not my thing. Other than the photo above, all of the photos from the hinterlands I can’t even bring myself to edit. The beach photos give me more hope…will put some up later on.

Gluten Free Museli

Until this week I haven’t had much luck finding gluten-free cereal that was actually tasty and I’m not a big fan of any of the gluten-free bread available at my local store. In need for something quick and easy that I could grab for breakfast before I run out the door in the mornings or to munch on at my desk on days where I start early, I ventured out to the health shop to see what I could find. Much to my surprise I found two cereals that taste great! I need to remember to eat them as sparingly as possible due to the price (adding a tub of yoghurt makes it go a lot further) but I’m happy to spend the money to eat something that I actually like.

My number one cereal pick is the Brookfarm macadamia muesli with cranberry (they also do an apricot version, a bircher muesli and muesli bars (the muesli bars, I also discovered are available on the Virgin Australia inflight snack menu, they are really crunchy and delicious).

White Chocolate & Raspberry Cheese Cake

Today I made White Chocolate & Raspberry Cheese Cakes in cups for Russ’s Birthday (he loves cheese cake!). I adapted the recipe from here. Instead of the usual biscuit crumb base, I used chocolate digestive biscuits in the bottom of the cups and for the non wheat folks, some gluten-free ginger nuts.

Cadbury (Australia) Gluten Free info can be found here.